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Smarter Email = More Money.

Email hasn't changed in 20 years. Even some of the biggest ecommerce giants still try to blanket their entire database with a single message. Marketers may like that approach, but customers don't.

Some email marketing platforms will let you segment your customers into large groups, but groups don't buy things - people do. We take segmentation to the next level by allowing you to individualize the content and delivery time for every single one of your customers.

Whether it's a marketing campaign or an automated "we miss you" message, we analyze every customer's data points and use it to generate emails with offers that your customer is most likely to buy, and send it to them at the time they're most likely to buy it.

Rare helps you turn your lists into customers and your customers into revenue.
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Give your customers the personal touch to increase sales.

Personalizing emails is so much more than calling your customer by name. With all you know about your customers, you can do so much more as long as you have the right tools. Whether you're sending a marketing campaign, an abandoned cart email or a special birthday offer, gearing it toward your customer and their needs can increase your revenues by 6X over traditional email. Send the right message to the right customer at the right time and turn an email address into a loyal customer.
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Rare users generate an average of $0.18 for every email they send.

Keeping Customers in the buying cycle increases revenue

Customers are most receptive to marketing immediately after they’ve purchased. Start your new relationship on the right foot with personalized recommendations to encourage repeat business. With custom triggers, you can recommend add-ons, follow up with customers to make sure they love what they bought, or ask them to leave a review on your site. Emails can be automated and personalized so that you can give VIP service to every customer without breaking a sweat.
Show your customers how much you care.
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Personalized emails deliver 6x higher transaction rates.

Bring accounts back to life and make more money

Rather than just making money from your top 20% of customers, Rare lets you dig deeper and connect with the segments that may just need an excuse to buy from you again. We automatically segment your customers to let you further target your campaigns to win back customers who are about to go cold or to get feedback from the customer who just doesn't seem into you anymore. And as with all of our campaigns, every message is personalized to their behavioural profile to maximize your chance at turning cold leads into your best customers.
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77% of email marketing ROI comes from segmented, targeted, and triggered campaigns.

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