Why Lead Magnets + Email Marketing Are A Killer Combo

Kayleigh Alexandra

Written by Kayleigh Alexandra.

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This is a guest post written by Kayleigh Alexandra, a content writer for Micro Startups – a site dedicated to giving through growth hacking. Visit the blog for your latest dose of startup, entrepreneur, and charity insights from top experts around the globe. Follow us on Twitter @getmicrostarted.

1. Introduction

Are you struggling to grow your email list? Got visitors to your site but no way of reeling them in? It sounds like you need to invest in lead magnets.

Lead magnets are the marketing tool you didn’t know you needed. They can build your email list quickly and effectively, helping you grow your ecommerce store. But what are lead magnets, and how can you start using them to build your email marketing list today? Read on to find out…

2. What Are Lead Magnets?

Lead magnets are, as the name suggests, something that attracts leads to your business. This is typically a piece of content, such as a course, webinar, video, ebook or similar that conveys something of use or value to the visitor.

Of course, nothing in life comes for free. In return for a useful lead magnet, visitors to your site must first provide their contact information, specifically their email address. Once your leads have opted-in to your email list, you’ve got a direct line into their inbox through which you can send product launch details, special offers, sales information, and more marketing messages.

3. Why Do I Need Lead Magnets?

Lead magnets are a great way of growing your email list. Email is one of the most important assets for your ecommerce business in 2018 — even more so than your social media presence. It enables brands start a conversation with their customers, marketing directly to them in ways that are engaging and personable. For ecommerce brands, it’s one of the most important lifelines. While a social platform’s algorithm can change at any point — slashing engagement and impressions — email can be more directly “owned” (you still need to make sure you aren’t spamming and maintaining high deliverability – but that’s a focus for another post). It’s therefore vital that you continue to grow your email subscriber list as much as you can. (And that you keep pruning and segmenting your email lists too). But convincing people to hand over their personal email address can be tricky. People are reluctant to just hand over their personal information unless they get something in return — and this is where lead magnets come in….

4. How Do I Create A Lead Magnet?

The key to an effective lead magnet lies in its value. Whatever format it comes in — video, free trial, e-learning course, etc — it has to provide people with something that will benefit them.

For example, create your very own flipbook on the latest summer looks, or a host a webinar guiding customers through your product. Here are some go-to tips on how to create a killer lead magnet:

Select your buyer persona

Something of value to one customer isn’t necessarily of value to another. Therefore, each one of your lead magnets needs to relate to a specific buyer persona for your ecommerce store. These customer identities can help identify what your audience will find most valuable.

For example, if one of your buyer personas is a stay-at-home mother, create content that addresses issues she might experience, such as general housekeeping issues. Identifying their concerns and pain points will help you identify the value proposition for your lead magnet, making it more useful and more compelling for them to provide their email address.

Plan your lead magnet

You’ll need to choose what format your lead magnet is going to take. This will depend on what you’re offering and what you’re good at.

As a rule of thumb: make it simple and to-the-point. An inaccessible or overly-complex magnet will put people off and make them reluctant to engage with it and, as a consequence, your store. Play to your strengths too — there’s no point in overstretching yourself as it’ll just negatively impact your lead magnet’s success.

A few examples of effective lead magnet formats include:

  • Free e-learning courses
  • Product trials or tasters
  • Digital ebooks
  • Discounts or special offers
  • Guides and resources

And remember: the first taste is with the eyes. Your lead magnet needs to have a catchy title that will persuade your lead to download it. Create a title that summarizes the benefits of your lead magnet, such as:

  • The Essential Guide To Growing Your Own Herbs
  • 10 Week Free E-Course To Make You A Better Writer
  • The Ultimate Cheatsheet For A More Productive Workday

Use compelling language like the above to engage and persuade the individual to download your lead magnet.

Now you need to start creating your magnet. As you do so, always keep in mind your buyer persona and the value you want to convey to them. Remember who it’s aimed at and what you want them to gain from it, and you’ll create a useful, beneficial lead magnet.

Promote your lead magnet

Your lead magnet should be delivered on a specific landing page which your potential leads are sent to. It should be targeted to your buyer persona: so write your copy with them in mind.

There’s a range of ways and places you can promote your lead magnet. Social media is the most obvious place, effectively reaching potential leads where they are active most. You could share the content on your own channel, or invest in paid social ads to reach a wider audience.

Alternatively, you could link to it in a piece of syndicated content on relevant blogs or sites to reach your target audience, either in your copy or through a link in your bio. The options open to you are virtually limitless, so share your lead magnet wherever you can to grow your email list as much as possible.

5. What's Next For My Lead Magnet?

So you’ve identified your buyer persona, you’ve created a great lead magnet and you’re promoting it across your networks. But you’re not finished yet! Every brand needs to formulate an engagement plan that follows up on their lead magnet.

This process can be automated, and generally builds on your original lead magnet concept. For example, if someone downloaded a style lookbook, you could email them a personally curated list of products based on what parts of your brand they engaged with.

Whatever you do, relate it to your lead magnet and make it as targeted as possible. An automated follow-up email opens the conversation between you and your lead, and is your chance to get them started on the buyer’s journey.

Lead magnets are an invaluable tool for growing your email list. By building up your list of contacts, you can send targeted, personalized marketing messages that can help boost your web traffic and conversions. Get it right, and with time you’ll see your ecommerce store grow and grow.

And that’s where Rare.io comes in! Rare.io helps you personalize your emails to a degree impossible in other email marketing software. We take the data you already have and unlock it to create hyper-targeted offers that translate into a bigger bottom line for you.

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