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Written by Franco Varriano.

1. Overview

We have an exciting partnership to announce! Justuno, the conversion optimization platform that increase sales, email list and reduce cart abandonment for online store, is bringing its industry leading email capture solution to all users. Integrating Justuno with your account will add all new contacts to your “All Prospects” list in Growing your mailing list is the most straightforward way to improve your email marketing results and grow your business. Turn traffic into email leads, reduce bounce rate and increase sales conversions today by following these 5 steps.

In ecommerce, every decision you make impacts the rate at which your visitors convert to purchase. To learn more about Conversion Optimization, we’re really excited to have Grant Thomas on this week’s Marketing Chat. Grant is the marketing manager at Justuno where he helps marketers improve their conversion rate with world-class conversion optimization tools.

2. The Interview

Ned: Thank you Grant for joining our Marketing Chat series. Before we dive into the topic, can you please introduce yourself and what you do at Justuno?

Grant: It’s my pleasure! Thanks for having me, Ned. My main focus here at Justuno is identifying the most effective ways to drive, engage, and ultimately convert website traffic. A large portion of time is devoted to creating content to help digital marketers and online retailers convert a higher percentage of website traffic. What I really enjoy about my job is preaching what I practice. The conversion tactics that I write about are what we use here at Justuno and what thousands of other e-commerce businesses use to convert traffic, build an email list, and drive more sales.

Ned: We are strong advocate of email marketing advocate. A key aspect of running successful email marketing campaigns is having a big mailing list. What are the best practices to collect more emails?

Grant: First off, I can’t stress enough how important email marketing is for e-commerce and I love the predictive platform that you have built in You’re right. Successful email campaigns require a large list of contacts to market to. The larger your list is, the more people you’re able to reach which is most likely going to yield more sales. The most effective way to build your email list is with email pop ups. While you may be hesitant or skeptical about using pop ups on your site, there’s no denying the results. In a case study with Shopify retailer, SkinnyMe Tea, email pop ups increased daily email capture by 758%.

Email pop ups place your opt-in form in highly visible and accessible places on your website making the process of subscribing upfront and easy. The simple process of actively engaging and asking a visitor to opt in is going to increase email capture. As a consumer, when is the last time you’ve subscribed to a mailing list without being engaged with an email pop up? Smart marketers know that they must ask or call for action in order to receive the desired result.

I’m a bit long winded with my answer to this question but there’s one more key aspect to email list growth: the use of value and incentives. An email opt-in is an exchange of value and any time you can add value to your offering, the prospect of subscribing is going to be more appealing. The most effective incentives to use in e-commerce are discounts, free shipping, contest entries, and gated content downloads. Add an incentive to an email pop up and you’ve got a powerful offering to build your list.

Ned: Let’s split conversion into two parts: the prospect’s visit and the checkout. How can online store improve the conversion rate of prospect’s visit?

Grant: One thing that we see way too often in e-commerce marketing is the intense focus on driving traffic with little to no focus on converting that traffic once these visitors arrive on site. On average, 98% of new traffic will leave without converting into a sale or email subscriber. Now, these visitors who leave without converting could come back another time, but we don’t know that for sure. Since it’s rare to see a first time visitor check out in the same visit, our initial focus should be to convert those first time visitors into an email lead so we can bring them back to the site at a later date.

To improve conversion rates, engage visitors early on in their visit. With website pop ups, we’ve seen the highest conversion rates with a delay of 7-12 seconds. This ensures that the majority of traffic will see your offer. If you don’t want to hit shoppers that early, an exit pop up will work well at engaging the high amount of traffic that bounces within 15 seconds of a visit. Another key aspect of conversion optimization is A/B testing. At the end of the day, you must determine what works for your business. Common A/B tests that we see with pop ups are incentive #1 vs incentive #2, background image #1 vs background image #2, pop up vs sign up bar, marketing copy #1 vs marketing copy #2, and one step pop up vs 2 step pop up. This testing has allowed our clients to determine the perfect formula for converting traffic.

I won’t go into too much detail but here are some more resources on conversion optimization:

Ned: Second, how can online store reduce cart abandonment during the checkout process?

Grant: Even though cart abandonment is the biggest problem for online retailers, I still like to look at it as an opportunity. A slight decrease in cart abandonment means more sales and improved traffic conversion. While there are other things that can help with cart abandonment, I’ll share a simple tactic that can drastically reduce cart abandonment without having to devote a ton of time and effort.

Focus on your cart and checkout pages along with the key reasons why shoppers abandon their cart. Cart abandonment occurs largely because of price. This could be price of a product, overall price of the cart, or shipping cost. Shoppers will leave to price compare or search for a coupon. Make it easy for them and meet their needs so they don’t have to search for it.

Present an exit pop up to shoppers who are about to leave your cart and checkout pages. Simply offer them a promo code that they can immediately apply to their purchase. By presenting this messaging at a critical point in the checkout process, you can drive more people to purchase. With this tactic, The Mountain reduced cart abandonment by 30%!

Ned: What have you learnt about Conversion Optimization since joining Justuno?

Grant: This is a great question and there are so many directions I can go in. The biggest thing that I’ve learned about conversion optimization and digital marketing is that it’s a numbers game. This isn’t me saying “treat every visitor as a number” but more of me saying that the truth lies in the numbers. It’s easy to dive deep into that rabbit hole of data and analytics but this isn’t always the best route. If you can pinpoint key measurements that will help you better understand your website and customers, then you’re on your way to providing a great shopping experience that drives sales.

Ned: What are our top 3 advices to online store on how to improve their conversion rate?

Grant: I feel like my answers have been dense and I don’t want to be repetitive so this one will be quick.

  1. Engage the majority of your traffic with something of value. People need to be prompted in order to take action so provide them with direction and a reason to convert. A simple example for e-commerce is “Want 10% off? Enter your email and save!”
  2. Make it easy on your website visitors. Look for areas to eliminate steps and confusion. Provide content like detailed product photos, informative product descriptions, product reviews, and FAQs that will make the decision process easier.
  3. Build your email list with pop ups. This will improve traffic conversion and allow you to drive high quality traffic back to your site which is more likely to purchase from you.

Ned: How does Justuno help online store grow their business?

Grant: Justuno turns daily website traffic into email subscribers, sales, and social fans. The platform converts a higher percentage of visitors using website pop ups, sign up bars, exit pop ups, and timely on-site messaging. This is a powerful platform built for online retailers, by online retailers. Whether it be a basic email pop up or a highly targeted message for a specific traffic source, retailers can create it within Justuno!

Ned: In a world where Justuno accomplish its mission, how is conversion for online stores?

Grant: Our mission is to provide effective conversion tools that make sense for e-commerce marketers and businesses. Many retailers are overwhelmed with the various aspects of running their business and conversion optimization is an important piece that is often overlooked.

Our goal is to make conversion rate optimization a key aspect of online retail, regardless of the size of business. This leads to efficiency in all other areas of marketing which will ultimately make these retailers more profitable. We’ve developed solutions that are easy to implement, make sense for retailers, and effectively drive website conversions.

Ned: What should customers expect from Justuno in the coming months?

Grant: First and foremost, keep an eye out for seasonal promotions to help retailers sell more during the busiest sales days of the year. We’ve already got spectacular back-to-school themes available. Expect to see Labor Day, Halloween, and holiday themes very soon.

We will also be launching an updated Google Analytics integration to optimize for conversions on a deeper level. You can also expect more sophisticated targeting and segmentation capabilities to deliver unique experiences for each type of visitor coming to your site.

4. Conclusion

To learn more about Justuno, check out the full conversion rate conversion suite. Like, Justuno is available on both Shopify and BigCommerce. makes it easy to start using automated email campaigns for common challenges like: Welcome Series, Abandoned Carts, Order Follow-up emails and more! You can learn more about our powerful email marketing automation features here or go ahead and get started right away by using for FREE.

And if you’re one of the thousands of merchants who are already using Rare’s Smart Email Marketing software and want to see how our Customer Success Team can work with your brand to grow your revenue – feel free to book a call at your convenience here.

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