Store Owners Beware:
Sender Reputation Blocks
1-in-5 of your Emails

Written by Franco Varriano.

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1. Sender Reputation 101

Note: Parts of this post originally appeared on our sister company’s site here. Emailable is automated email verification created by RareLogic Inc. to help improve email deliverability, sender reputation, and more!

Most digital marketers and store owners know that search engines use domain and page authority to rate the quality of content providers. Higher authority improves your placement and gets you more views.

However, many marketers are still not aware that almost one-fifth of quality subscriber emails will never make it to the inbox. It is your sender reputation that drives emails to spam or to the inbox.

The judge and jury when it comes to your sender reputation are the email providers themselves: Google for Gmail, Yahoo for Yahoo Mail, etc.

Each provider has its own algorithm for determining where every email it receives will end up.

On average, providers decide that 18% of permission-based emails will never reach the inbox.

That’s a scary (and annoying) stat – especially for store owners trying to make sales!

It means that after everything you’ve done to create great subjects, fix your sender field, and fill your email body with valuable content, you still have another hoop to jump through.

2. The Real Imapct

So, knowing that email providers determine your reputation and that the bulk of email deliverability is based on that reputation, how can you fix it?

Unlike subject line and content best practices that require hours per month, fixing a bad sender reputation is easy-ish.

Many fixes are one-time fixes, and ongoing fixes should take less than 10 minutes per month (or almost no time if you can automate them).

To recap: 18% of emails don’t make it to the inbox, and 82% of those are based on your sender reputation. This means that improving your sender reputation can help 14.72% of “lost” emails make it to the inbox. Here’s a quick reference chart based on global averages. For your industry, we have a chart available here. Average monthly sends is 5, with financial services being the highest at 12.2 sends per month. Monthly send volume

3. Taking Action

If you fix your sender reputation, you fix your deliverability problem.

And what is dragging down your reputation? The bounced emails in column three. In other words, the 2% bounce is causing 18% not to make it to the inbox.

So removing bounced emails should solve the problem, right?

Unfortunately not. After the bounce is too late. Your reputation has already taken the hit.

4. Sender Reputation Checklist

The key to improving sender reputation is to identify yourself to the email providers and have a plan to avoid future bounces.

One-Time Verifications (30 Minutes)

Emails without proper authentication have a high chance of being rejected or placed in spam. Take the time to register yourself properly with all of the major email providers to increase your sender reputation.

These quick fixes are the bare minimum for a quality sender reputation:

  • Publish an SPF record (5 minutes)
  • Publish a DMARC policy (5 minutes)
  • Register your IP addresses with email providers (10 minutes)
  • Verify your email list for deliverability (10 minutes)

Routine Checklist (30-60 Minutes)

The larger the email list, the more changes can happen in a short period of time. Adding new emails, sending the wrong email, and receiving negative feedback or having a large number of users change their email address leaving the current one invalid can all impact you on a monthly basis.

These top fixes will improve your email send quality and increase your reputation with email providers:

  • Verify emails in your forms (5 minutes)
  • Re-verify your entire list to identify stale or deleted email accounts (10 minutes)
  • Sign email messages with a DKIM greater than 1,024 (10 minutes)
  • Bonus: Opt out users who have marked your content as spam (30 minutes)
  • Retrieve individual lists from each email provider’s feedback loop
  • Unsubscribe users who have marked you as spam

General Best Practices

  • Only email people who want to receive your emails
  • Avoid spikes in traffic and instead sprinkle your emails over time
  • Avoid common spam language in the subject line
  • Always include an unsubscribe link

4. Conclusion

Clean your email lists and improve your Sender Reputation with Emailable. Getting more emails into your customer’s inbox means more sales for ecommerce stores. makes it easy to start using automated email campaigns for common challenges like: Welcome Series, Abandoned Carts, Order Follow-up emails and more! You can learn more about our powerful email marketing automation features here or go ahead and get started right away by using for FREE.

And if you’re one of the thousands of merchants who are already using Rare’s Smart Email Marketing software and want to see how our Customer Success Team can work with your brand to grow your revenue – feel free to book a call at your convenience here.

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