The Ultimate Pack of Sales Email Examples You Need To Grow Your Store

Written by Franco Varriano.

You’ve built your store. You’ve got inventory. You’ve collected the contact information and email addresses of a list of visitors who are interested in hearing from you.

The only thing missing?

The content.

Or more accurately, content that will get you sales.

In this post, we’ve curated a collection of sales email templates from all around the web. Sales emails that can give you some ideas you can put towards your business, generate revenue and grow your business.

Let’s dive right in.

First: Why Segmentation Is Key

Before we go ahead and show you some examples, it’s worth mentioning that in today’s market you can’t just send a generic email blast to your entire email list. That would be as effective as posting only sales pitches on your social media.

As effective in toxifying your brand that is.

It’s 2018, we live in a world of big data and hyper personalization. Gone are the days when a billboard targeted at the general market would give you steady sales. Now you must get hyper-focused on your market and that cohort’s specific pain point.

AdAge asked a host of marketers what one capability will be most important to marketing in the future. 33% of respondents answered with “personalization” . Your subscribers are bombarded with more marketing messages than ever before. If you want to get their attention, build trust and make sales, you need to become relevant to their lives. Which is why, according to Aberdeen, personalized email messages improve click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversions by 10%.

Personalization isn’t just a fancy marketing gimmick, it makes sales.

Here at, we’re big believers in segmentation. Using segmentation, you can send the right value proposition to the right person for your business. What is valuable and solves a pain for cohort A, might be worthless for cohort B. And the results are in:

The lesson here is to segment your list, then use the email examples outlined below. There’s no point sending a re-engagement email, an email which tries to re-engage a subscriber who hasn’t opened your emails in a while, to someone who made a recent purchase. And yet, that’s the trap that many marketers can fall into if they don’t target their messaging correctly.

A Huge List Of Sales Email Examples

As we’ve said, the goal is segmentation. There is an infinite number of ways you can segment your audience, but in this article, we chose to focus on the basics.

That isn’t to say there aren’t more complex and effective ways to segment your audience. Let’s say you own an online furniture store. You can have a different welcome email for subscribers who found your blog post on lamps through Google (perhaps a welcome email with a discount on your bestselling lamp) to your generic welcome email.

Only you will know what’s best for your store. Use the following examples to kick off ideas you can use in your own email marketing.

Welcome Email Examples

First impressions matter. And you get no better chance than with your welcome email. According to Wordstream, welcome emails have an average of a 4x the open rate and 5x the click-through rates of promotional emails. The goal of a welcome email is to get the reader comfortable receiving email from your store. It shouldn’t be a hard pitch, but the beginning of a conversation.

A welcome email should also set expectations. Tell your reader how often they’ll receive emails from you, the tone of voice to expect, and what types of content they’ll receive.

Effective welcome emails should get your readers into the habit of taking action. If you can persuade your reader to click-through from your welcome email, to browse your store for instance, then the chance of them clicking through your next email is that little bit higher.

3 out of 4 subscribers expect a welcome email. This means that you should:

  1. Make sure you have a welcome email
  2. Make it clear in your email subject line that it’s a welcome email. Use words such as “Welcome to…” or “Thanks for signing up for….”

Here are a few great examples of welcome emails which follow best practices.

Four In The BeWr

Four in the Bed does a good job of setting the tone of voice that readers can expect from their emails: one of a confidential friend who cares about your sleep. They also offer a sweet incentive for subscribers to click-through to their website with a promotional code, which gets readers engaged right from the start.


Musto places an emphasis on community, not just with the copy of their email, but with their big photos. It lets readers know that they are now part of the Musto community. There is also an easy-to-remember promotional code to get readers to start purchasing.

Finery London

Finery London keeps their welcome email simple, with an on-brand design, and discounts available to encourage readers to purchase.


1stdibs, an online furniture company, go with something different. They enable readers to browse their catalog by category. This adds value by helping readers avoid choice overwhelm, reducing barriers to the sale.

Promotional Discount Emails Examples

Every shopper loves a discount, so it comes as no surprise that discount emails sell great. But you can’t just offer a generic discount and hope the sales role in. That cheapens your brand.

Crafting an effective discount email campaign is a delicate balancing act. Offer too many, and your profits will suffer, and you’ll attract bargain hunters. Offer them too rarely, shoppers will go to your competition. You also need to present a convincing reason for your discount, otherwise shoppers won’t engage.

What sorts of reasons?

There are a few, but the most effective is scarcity.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron place a heavy emphasis on their discount on this email, but notice their use of scarcity. Blue Apron uses time-limited discounts to transmit the message that they are valuable.

Banana Republic

Banana Republic uses some clever copy (“Seize the day”) and bold design to highlight their discount. Notice the use of scarcity, with the subscriber getting 40% off if they take action before 10 pm, with this discount being reduced to 35% thereafter.

Re-Engagement Emails

Over time your email list engagement degrades. According to Marketing Sherpas, email marketing databases decay at a rate of 22.5% per year.

A simple way to alleviate this decline is to send readers a quick email to capture their attention and re-engage them.

Here are how a couple of brands re-engage their audience.


Pinkberry re-engages their readers with a simple “we miss you” heading, and an added incentive for readers to use them. If only our friends were this generous when we hadn’t seen them in a while. Free yogurt!? Yes please.


Crocs delight their readers with this on brand email. It’s conversational and reminds the reader that crocs are interested in developing a relationship with them, not just raiding their credit card balance. Even the $10 offer is positioned in a friendly manner.

Referral Email Examples

Humans trust those with which we have something in common. This is why referrals are still the best way to get prospects who trust you right from the beginning. Your customers act as a mutual connection between you and these new prospects.

But it’s hard to get referrals to be predictable and repeatable. One way you can encourage referrals is to simply ask for them, and incentivize your readers and customers to refer their friends with a discount or a bonus.


Bombas encourages their readers to refer their friends with a clear guide and call to action in their email. The numbered list guide also communicates the benefits of referring. The copy is friendly, giving a lighter touch to something that can be uncomfortable to many (selling to friends and family).


AirBnB keeps their referral email simple with good design and simple copy. AirBnB readers love to travel, and it asks them to share this love with their friends. And what better way to share than by giving free travel credits.


Coveroo‘s background photo reminds the reader of the emotional benefits of sharing with friends, with a clear and simple call to action in the middle.

Upsell & Cross-Sell Email Examples

The most expensive thing you can do in your marketing is to acquire new customers. But many businesses miss out on huge profits by failing to sell more to their existing customers.

You can make more money from your customers by either cross-selling similar and other products to them, or by upselling products which complement what they’ve already purchased. It’s simple to do, and can drastically raise your revenue.

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club uses this follow up email as a chance to cross-sell some more products. After all, why not toss some more items in your box that’s already arriving? It’s clever and effective because of their subscription-based business model.


GoGo uses their expiry notification email as a chance to sell a renewal to their service. This friendly reminder persuades customers who already know the value of the service.


Skillshare knows that their users love learning, and they invite subscribers who have signed up to a course to check out related courses in that subject.

Cart Abandonment Email Examples

We’ve already talked about the importance of cart abandonment emails here at The goal of these emails is to remind subscribers to buy when they are on verge of purchasing. It’s a necessary sales email to include as part of your marketing toolkit.

Mango uses a simple and clear design to highlight the reader’s items in their cart abandonment email. This combined with the call to action makes it easy for users to continue their purchase.


Bonobo uses a bold design to get the reader’s attention with this cart abandonment email. They also include a 20% offer to entice readers to take action.

These examples aren’t to be copied, but should give you plenty of ideas to get started with some of your own. Come up with a few, segment your audience, and don’t forget to split test. That’s how multinational empires are grown.


And if you’re one of the thousands of merchants who are already using Rare’s Smart Email Marketing software and want to see how our Customer Success Team can work with your brand to grow your revenue – feel free to book a call at your convenience here.

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