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Written by Rob Lane.

1. The Update


Our latest update is now live! We’ve included a number of customer requests and very cool performance enhancements. We’re confident this update will make it even easier to deliver the personalized, quality email that your customers enjoy.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

A new UI for email. Welcome to a friendlier, faster and smarter email experience.

It’s easier and faster to make updates. A new To Do list displays any missed tasks or conflicts, and offers suggestions to improve your email and increase customer engagement.

  • A/B Testing. You asked, we delivered. You provide alternate copy or subject lines and Rare will do the testing and select a winner.
  • Fine tuning. Another popular customer request! You can now filter down to a subset of your target audience. Example: Send a special offer to customers that spent over $200 from December 26-29.
  • Updates to the audience page. Your audience page now displays the deliverable audience size in any given segment – the number of people who have opted in to receive marketing. You now have an easy way to check how many customers will receive a mailout.

Your feedback makes a difference. Thanks for your continued support.

2. What Now?

If you’re an ecommerce merchant and don’t have automated email marketing campaigns setup for your store, you’re losing money. Right now.

Rare.io makes it easy to start using automated email campaigns for common challenges like: Welcome Series, Abandoned Carts, Order Follow-up emails and more! You can learn more about our powerful email marketing automation features here or go ahead and get started right away by using Rare.io for FREE.

And if you’re one of the thousands of merchants who are already using Rare’s Smart Email Marketing software and want to see how our Customer Success Team can work with your brand to grow your revenue – feel free to book a call at your convenience here.

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Get proven ecommerce tactics & strategies from real ecommerce entrepreneurs!

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