Diving Into Data:
New Dashboard & Reporting Updates


Written by Franco Varriano.

A more functional dashboard with key ecommerce data was one of the most frequent requests we get about Rare.io.

So after speaking with hundreds of different stores to find out exactly how we could make it better, we’re excited to share the results!

Log into your Rare.io account to see the new changes outlined below in action.

Note: Some data like “Browsers” or “Device” will not be available for campaigns that have already been sent. We are currently working on adding past store data back into some accounts – for campaigns that were delivered before February 8, 2018. Thank you for your patience & cooperation!

1. Welcome To Your New Dashboard!

From the moment you log into Rare.io, you’ll now see only the most important commerce metrics about your store.


Let’s break this down.

2. What Does This Data Mean & How Can You Make More Sales?

When speaking with our customers, it became clear that there were two goals we should keep in mind:


  • Adding missing data sources (like Device type and Browsers)
  • Making the data presented simpler to understand

The ultimate result is making a simpler dashboard that enables you to better understand who your customers are and what they need from you.

To achieve this, we’ve also added features like:

  • Date Selector – you’re no longer restricted to a 30 day window. See how your store has been performing during custom timelines.
  • Device and Browsers – this enables you know where your customers are reading your emails & buying products.
  • Product Links – get a high level to idea of the most popular products are.

Of course this updated design extends to all reports and we’re excited to get your thoughts and feedback on how we can continue to improve the Rare.io platform!

All of this data can have a big impact on your business and sales; ranging from what platforms you test on to what you’re optimizing for.

Not sure what to do with this new data? Book a call with our Customer Success team to learn how to take advantage of this data and make more sales!

3. What's Next?

These reporting updates are just the start!

We’re committed to continuing to make Rare.io the simplest and most loved ecommerce makerting software out there!

But we couldn’t do it without our merchants – so keep your feedback coming and let’s continue to make selling online fun and easy!

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And if you’re one of the thousands of merchants who are already using Rare’s Smart Email Marketing software and want to see how our Customer Success Team can work with your brand to grow your revenue – feel free to book a call at your convenience here.

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