Email Teardown:
How To Drive Repeat Sales
(With Real Email Examples)

Written by Franco Varriano.

1. Overview

In this Email Teardown, we’ll see How To Drive Repeat Sales by Engaging with “Idle Customers” and Getting Them to Buy More.

We’ve created a detailed case study, or “teardown” of real-world emails. These emails are actually used by a current ecommerce store.

This email teardown focuses on how this particular company was able to start this email campaign, and how they’ve since generated over $7,500+ USD in just 60 Days. automatically generates several Customer Segments for your store by default. This is an industry best practice and segmenting your customers is shown to lead to more sales.

In our Customer Segments, we define an “Idle Customer” as a customer who hasn’t purchased from your store in the last 6-12 months. 

Other customer segments include:

2. The Email Teardown

Checkout this case study for real ecommerce email marketing examples! 

We’re also added in our own analysis on what’s working and what the store can do better: 

3. Great, Now What?’s Customer Success team is now working with this store to help optimize the emails they’re sending. Specifically, as we highlighted in the teardown above, we’re going to help the company focus on:

  • Creating an A/B test: The best way to improve something is to A/B test it and learn from a small test each iteration.
  • Creating a sequence of emails: Currently this campaign only sends one email – which isn’t the most effective way to get everyone’s attention.
  • Experiment with More Engagement: Can we eliminate “Idle Customers” altogether? Maybe not, but we can certainly reduce it. By examining data inside, we can identify certain customer behaviors and better plan specific repeat purchase campaigns to ensure that most customers are buying more products every 3-6 months – before they fall into the idle bucket!

We’ll be back in 3 months with an update on their progress!

4. Conclusion

If you’re an ecommerce merchant and don’t have automated email marketing campaigns setup for your store, you’re losing money. Right now. makes it easy to start using automated email campaigns for common challenges like: Welcome Series, Abandoned Carts, Order Follow-up emails and more! You can learn more about our powerful email marketing automation features here or go ahead and get started right away by using for FREE.

And if you’re one of the thousands of merchants who are already using’s Smart Email Marketing software and want to see how our Customer Success Team can work with your brand to grow your revenue – feel free to book a call at your convenience here.

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