Personalize your email. Make more money.

Yep. It's really that simple.

Personalized... with Science.

If you sell online, you’re sitting on a goldmine of customer data. Rare unlocks that data and puts it to work by analyzing your sales and marketing metrics and using it to help you sell more.

Our prediction engine takes all the work out of sending personalized emails to each of your customers. We determine which customers are most likely to buy, what products they want, and send them that offer at the time they’re most likely to buy it. No wonder personalized emails receive six times higher engagement than the usual spray-and-pray approach.

If it sounds like magic, that's because it's science.

Playbooks written by the pros.

We give you all the tools you need to be a pro marketer - but you don't need to be one. In addition to our concierge setup and guidance along the way, we also help you get all your campaigns set up quickly with customizable marketing templates developed by email marketing experts that know your industry.

We give you the keys to your VIPs.

We use your data to make sure you know who your most valuable customers are, and who's ripe to become your next best customer. Reward your top spenders, or encourage a customer that's gone cold - all automatically, and all when the timing is right.

Stop Guessing. Start Testing.

Our prediction engine helps put the right offer in the right inbox, but your sales pitch is up to you. Luckily, we don't have to rely on guesswork to get the best results. Put different subject lines or layouts to the test, and see which call-to-action performs the best.

The Dashboard you've always dreamed of.

We look deeper than email. With all the data we generate to power our prediction engine, we figured there was no point in keeping it a secret. So, we've given you a deep dive into your sales and email metrics, letting you keep your finger on your store's pulse all in one place. See which email campaigns performed the best to optimize your Facebook ads. Or, just hit send and watch the digital representation of money roll in.

Who is it for?

Rare helps all kinds of shops improve their email marketing and make more sales.
Small Online Stores
As long as you're promoting products by email, Rare can help you improve it. Give your customer base the personal touch without spending any more of your precious time sending emails.
Hybrid Online and Retail Businesses
If you have a shared POS and ecommerce solution, we can leverage your in-person sales to power online predictions.
Large Ecommerce sites
This is where Rare really shines. The more data you have, the better the predictions and personalizations.
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