Dear Online Stores

Written by Franco Varriano.

Ever since you walked into my inbox, we’ve had a love and hate relationship. Sometimes you send me relevant emails with products I love and will buy on the spot. Sometimes you bombard me with emails that really make me wonder if I ever cared about you. Whenever I receive an email like the former, I save it for my weekend read, just in case there is an item I missed. Whenever I receive an email like the latter, I save it for my weekend cleanup session (also known as my unsubscribing party).

Having access to my email is a privilege, not a right, so I expect you to make the extra effort to send me relevant messages. By relevant messages, I simply mean a message designed for me, the human behind the credit card . I mean, I’ve most likely browsed your online store for hours before making a purchase, I’ve even most likely make a repeated purchase because I love your product, yet you keep sending me emails about diapers when I want jeans. Oh, don’t you dare to play the consumption pattern card, no I am not expecting a baby. You were able to specifically target me on social media, why can’t you keep it up with your emails?

Last week, the Atlantic released a great article about emails titled The triumph of emails. They quoted Alex Moore, CEO of Boomerang, saying We’re living in notification hell. That’s really the thing that’s at the root cause of why people hate email. Notifications are hell, when they’re irrelevant, like the emails you send me. I don’t mind receiving product suggestions that help me discover new products (in my range of interest). I do mind receiving a mass email about your sales on kitchen appliances when I have never bought a kitchen appliance from you. We’re living in the age of smart, if we can already buy smart thermostats, we should able to receive smart emails too (emails were invented in 1971).

Last Christmas, I gave you my email, but the very next day you destroyed my inbox. This year, to save me from tears, I’ll give it to retailers who leverage data analytics in their digital marketing strategy. I am more than an email, I am a consumer with preferences and a shopping pattern. Most importantly, I am okay with you using my data to improve my shopping experience, so let’s try to improve our relationship. It’ll be a win-win, I will love you more, which might increase your revenues and make me happy . I can’t promise that I will buy every time you visit my inbox, but I will at least make sure that you make it into my good weekend read .

Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing all the exciting products you have in store…for me.


Your lovely online shopper

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