How To Make $70,000 USD with 5 Key Email Marketing Strategies For Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Written by Phil Kijek.

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One of the biggest shopping weekends of the year – Black Friday and Cyber Monday (or BFCM as it’s rapidly becoming known by industry veterans) – is a special time of year when most ecommerce merchants make or break their year!

So to help you make the most out of BFCM this year – and really boost your sales – we’re breaking down the Top 5 Ecommerce Email Marketing Strategies that went into making over $70,000 USD in sales for our customer KTM last BFCM.

We’re breaking down the core areas and exact tactics you can apply to your own online store – right now! But if you need an extra pair of hands to help you get up-and-running ASAP before the holiday rush – consider taking a look at our Managed Services here.

Email Marketing Strategy #1: Clean Email Lists

Reputation is an important thing for any business or even industry.

KTM knew this also applied for their brand, and more importantly their email marketing.

But before any customer even gets the chance to open your emails – it has to make it to their inbox. And this is where their email reputation & clean email marketing lists come into play.

How mailbox providers (like Microsoft Outlook, Google’s Gmail, Apple Mail and many more) view your Sender Reputation is extremely important in getting your emails to people inboxes.

By consistently sending quality emails to a high quality, and clean email marketing list, you can repair, build & maintain a high sender reputation.

KTM used’s help far in advance of BFCM to ensure that their email sender reputation was in great standing.

These are some of the components of the sender strategy and “gotchas” you should watch out for:

  • Ensure that all emails had quality images, content, good text-to-photo ratios and
  • A consistent sending schedule (this works especially well with’s Smart Timing feature which delivers emails to each customer when they are most active because immediate open rates are a signal of good sender reputation!)
  • Regularly verifying their list with our email verification app Emailable to ensure that all their contacts were bot-free (no fake or spam accounts), still active, and deliverable (no spelling mistakes or typo
So why invest in good email list health? Well, when the busiest holiday season came back around, KTM’s email list was ready for action – and sales! They immediately saw a HUGE surge in open rates, primary inbox placement – and most importantly, more sales.

Email Marketing #2: (Personalized) Automated Emails

With BFCM quickly becoming a global ecommerce shopping phenomenon, it’s increasingly important to be able to handle not only international demand but also to be able to quickly support your many customers.

Unless you’ve got a big team working around the clock, automated emails are the way to go.

Dollar-for-dollar, these were the Top 5 revenue-generating campaigns we implemented and for KTM’s big BFCM sales:

  • Customer Winback Emails
  • Abandoned Cart Emails
  • Welcome Emails
  • First Time Customer Emails
  • VIP Campaigns

The key to the success of these campaigns is segmentation! And there are lots of great tools like Customer Segment Builder that do this for you!

While it’s critical to segment all year long, holidays or big seasonal sales like BFCM offer you an extra opportunity to reconnect with various groups of your customers – and offer them something unique.

Email Marketing Strategy #3: Standing Out In The Inbox & Smart Timing

In today’s fast-paced world, ecommerce merchants like you aren’t just competing with brands that offer similar products – you’re competing for visibility and attention!

When you’re running ads, you need to spend more to get your ad in front of your customers more often.

With email, you need to compete to stand out among all the (possible) emails from other brands that are also competing for attention – and dollars.

Keeping in mind that it was very likely that inboxes were going to be extremely noisy with many other brands also sending their promotional emails – KTM followed a strategy to help them stand-out in the inbox, including:

  • Predictive Timing: Everyone here at believes emails is not a one size fits all marketing tool, and you should treat everyone differently. That’s why all emails sent from use customer data to predict when a customer is most likely to shop next. By using data like purchase history, browsing history, time zone, abandoned carts, etc, will deliver the email to your customer’s inbox so they have time to give your brand attention.
  • Personalized Subjects & Preview Text: With a crowded inbox from all these other brands, it is important to stand out. Using simple things like your customers’ name, what they’ve recently purchased, and emojis can really help your email shine. Any customer loves being treated as the individual they are, and you can utilize’s Dynamic Tags while building your email.
  • Teaser Campaigns: KTM sent out a very simple announcement email to their customers and prospects, with simple graphics that let them know about the upcoming sale. No fancy designs, just a simple message using’s predictive personalization features.

Giving customers a “heads-up” and letting them get prepared for the biggest sale of the year is important for a few reasons:

  • It allows customers to browse and spend time on the product pages they want, thus collecting important data for future product recommendations and predictive timing. Brand exposure in any way is always important in the customer sales funnel. The more opportunities they have to spend time on the site, the easier it will be to convert.
  • Word of Mouth is the cheapest form of marketing there is. Letting customers know about BF early will allow them to get prepared, and then start telling their friends and family
  • Best reason of all: Extra sales. There are customers out there who just want things now and don’t want to wait. Keeping that line of communication open early gave KTM some major early sales.
In total, advanced notification of sales ended up driving more traffic back to the site, re-engaging some customers with other offers, all generating an extra $16,850 in sales, 32% average open rate. Not bad!

Email Marketing Strategy #4: Black Friday Campaigns

For the actual BFCM sales, the special offering was 20-50% OFF the most popular brands and products from across the site.

KTM wanted to be consistent with their email marketing in order to remind customers of the sale, – but not be in their faces all weekend.

The plan was to send 3 emails: the first to announce the sale, and then two more emails designed to create scarcity and urgency (they core elements included reminding customers how much time was left and that this was a once a year sale with limited stock!).

By applying the same principles from Email Marketing Strategy #2 to these campaigns (specifically Personalized Emails and Smart Timing, both easily achieved with, each customer received a great looking email, at their preferred time of day, showcasing products that each of them would be most interested in.

The final result from this portion of the BFCM email marketing strategy resulted in sales of $42,658 in the span of three days – all while seeing on average 35% open rates and 10% click-through rates.

Email Marketing Strategy #5: The Extended Offer

Even with a very successful BFCM campaign over the holiday weekend, there were a few simple opportunities to keep the sales going.

Our team suggested continuing the same sale – but only for VIP customers, as well as for any customers who’d missed out on all the marketing over the last week!

The hook was simple for both customer segments – the sale was being extended – just for them!

Scarcity and urgency were also part of this “extended sale”, giving these customers only 24hrs to make sure they got their shopping in.

The messaging to these two groups (VIPs & customers who missed the sale entirely) took the tone of letting them know that they were highly valued customers and that KTM didn’t want them to miss out on these amazing once-a-year savings.

All in all, the extra 24hr effort was worth an extra $10,297 in revenue that might never have existed….


Transactional emails are just the start to increasing your customer lifetime value.

Smart, personalized email campaigns – whether for one-off campaigns or holiday seasons or powerful automated flows that make you more sales in your sleep – are the cornerstone to successful email marketing strategies. And that’s where comes into play.

Try our smart email marketing platform – designed specifically for ecommerce entrepreneurs FREE for 14 days! 

Ready To Make More Sales?

Smart, personalized email campaigns – whether for one-off campaigns or holiday seasons or powerful automated flows that make you more sales in your sleep – are the cornerstone to successful email marketing strategies. 

And that’s where comes in!

Try our smart email marketing platform – designed specifically for ecommerce entrepreneurs – FREE for 14 days! 

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