Announcing Zapier +!

Written by Franco Varriano.

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One of our most requested features we get from merchants of all sizes is an integration with Zapier!

If you’re wondering exactly what Zapier is all about and why it’s so important to ecommerce merchants, then our short answer is that Zapier is a connector between apps.

It saves you time, money, and effort in doing repetitive tasks.

Zapier currently helps automate the work of over 3M+ people! Ecommerce merchants like you included!

Together, Zapier + combine to help your business quickly scale and perform more email marketing strategies – in less time. Giving you peace of mind to focus on other important tasks, while making sales!

For example, if a visitor wants to add their email address to your newsletter or pop-up on your site, you can automatically add them to the right list in your account.

Or you may be running a Facebook Lead Ad campaign and want to automatically subscribe those people to an automated email marketing drip campaign through

Well, the good news is that these examples are just the start! You can now do all those things and more thanks to Zapier!

1. Where Do I Start?

Not sure where to start or how Zapier + can help you make more sales? Then check out all our pre-built zaps (or make your own) over here on Zapier!

Here are some of our favorites:

1. Privy ->

If you’re using Privy for email capture or exit intent pop-ups to capture email addresses – with Zapier, you can now automatically subscribe these customers to custom lists in! This gives your marketing teams all kinds of flexibility to design unique campaigns for customers who sign-up on different pages or offers within your ecommerce site.

2. Sumo ->
3. Facebook Lead Ads ->

Facebook Lead Ads (or Facebook Leads) are a special type of ad set where you’re able to capture customer contact information for your product or special offer. All that information is stored in Facebook for you, but to make it actionable for things like special offer emails, drip campaigns and more, this Zap will have those new prospects automatically added to a specific list in your account!

4. Unbounce ->

If you run special offers or new customer acquisition campaigns through landing pages and use Unbounce to manage all that – then this zap is for you! Automatically have your Unbounce signups moved to a unique list in your account so that you can market to these prospective customers!

5. Google Sheets ->

Finally rounding out our Top 5 most used zaps is the Google Sheets to zap! If you’re exporting data into a Google Sheets format from anther tool or service (like an email list cleaning & verification service similar to Emailable), this zap might come in handy to minimize the amount of manual work you need to do.

2. What Else Can I Do With Zapier?

Lots of stuff! In fact, it really depends on your business.

So if you aren’t 100% sure on how to make the best use of Zapier or marketing automation in your ecommerce store, feel free to reach out to our team of Email Experts for a quick consultation.

We’re happy to showcase exactly how we’ve helped thousands of other fast-growing ecommerce brands make email marketing their most profitable sales channel & streamline their business with automated emails that make them more sales in their sleep!

In fact, we recently worked with Zapier to create a case study on one of our customers – Spivo! Read more about how Zapier + helped Spivo founders Andre & Marc build an automated ecommerce business for adrenaline seeking travelers (just like them!).

With the help of Zapier +, they are able to run their business while they travel the world meeting their fans & customers!

3. What Else Should I Know?

It’s totally free to start a new account with Zapier and begin automating your ecommerce business.

So signup for your account and check out our pre-made zaps today!

If you’re also new to ecommerce email marketing, is the simplest way to get started! 

Quickly personalize your emails with Smart Product Recommendations & Smart Timing to boost your open rates & sales! You can book a demo or coaching call with our Email Experts at any time right here

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