7 Must Have Rules To Succeed At Email Marketing


Written by Franco Varriano.

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This is a guest post by Gabriella Rapone. Gabriella is an experienced email marketing and digital marketing consultant. She provides each client with the latest and most advanced strategies to help them succeed online and grow their revenues.

1. Overview

I have a dream. I have a dream that every single person who collects email address to market products or services, knows exactly the challenges that lie ahead of them. While the Email Service Providers (ESP) of the world may have given you the tools to easily send out email marketing messages, they NEVER gave you the knowledge you need to truly succeed.

How do I know this? I ran my own ESP for over 8 years and even worse. I emailed other people’s email list. Yes, I was a “list manager” a while some might call it “spamming” . I called it a “living” and a good living it was.

My passion for email wasn’t in the “volume” it was in the “quality” so I only focused on inboxing every single message I deployed and I’ve deployed thousands over the last 10 years. So I know the challenges that face every single email sender, and this is how I know your ESP isn’t telling you the truth.

2. The Blueprint

Below you’ll find my 7 must have rules to succeed at email marketing. Make this your guideline, your blueprint, your go-to-guide to surviving the ever-changing world of email marketing. Enjoy them and share them with the world if you believe. Just in case you don’t like to read, I’ve included a video:


You need to STAND out and BE Recognizable. You know what it’s like to log into your email client, only to see 30 unread emails and most of them NOT from friends or colleagues. So it’s important to brand yourself with a name that people can quickly recognize you, so they DON’T hit the “Spam” button.


Did you know that you can KILL your ability to INBOX future email messages EVEN before you ever press end for the first time? YES, it’s possible. This is why ensuring that you VERIFY every new email address that you collect, is critical to creating a positive email reputation. So you can easily inbox more email marketing messages.


Do you know what the BIGGEST mistake 90% of email marketers make? They are ONLY focused on “Sales”. Your priority as an email marketer should always be “Engage first” then “sales” , because if you don’t work on trying to engage users, then you aren’t working towards improving your email reputation. Poor email reputation leads to more emails hitting the “Spam” folder and the more email messages that hit “Spam”, the less likely you are to make any money.


Did you know that ISP’s like Gmail, yahoo, Hotmail ….etc filter emails differently. So while some of your emails might always inbox in Hotmail, they might not always inbox in Gmail. This is why knowing exactly what percentage of your email list is made up of, is important in managing your ability to inbox and improve your overall email rep.


Imagine if you had the ability to know if your email marketing messages, were going to hit the “spam” folder before you dropped a campaign? Well you can, with seed testing .

Always TEST before you drop, because this is your first line of defense and the best way to be proactive about your email reputation. Because when your email messages begin to hit the Spam folder, if you don’t resolve the issue behind it FAST. Improving your email reputation can take weeks vs hours .

So Test Before you Send!


I’m sure you’ve heard this saying before. Don’t put ALL your eggs in one basket. This is especially true when talking about email marketing. You’d be very surprised how changing a font size or image can dramatically increase your click-through rate. Just make sure you split test 1 variable at a time or you might end up making the wrong assumption about WHY one message got a higher CTR than the other. So what variables should you “isolate”?

  • Subject line
  • Ad copy
  • Call to action
  • Images
  • Font colors/Type/Size


You know what I love statistics ? They never lie. I’ve seen too many people make FALSE assumption about why an email marketing campaign did well or why it failed when the truth is . There’s no reason to make an assumption, NOT when the answers are staring right at you. So get comfortable with your reporting and learn what the numbers actually mean. So you can make confident decisions, about your business because you know what they say about assumptions, right?

3. Conclusion

If you’re an ecommerce merchant and don’t have automated email marketing campaigns setup for your store, you’re losing money. Right now.

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